Android Bluetooth Controller

Android Bluetooth Controller

Wow this has been an amaz­ing month for Phone­Joy on Android. There’s a grow­ing num­ber of apps that have star­ted to sup­port Phone­Joy. Those of you who boast a rooted Android device are now finally enjoy­ing the fea­tures that Six­Axis users had since Janu­ary, these are for one native/HID gamepad emu­la­tion and even more so import­antly touch emulation.

What is touch emulation?

Shadowgun gamepad

Touch emu­la­tions basic­ally enables you to map your Phone­Joy but­tons to cer­tain “touch” areas on your phone. What does it mean? Well, basic­ally, this emu­la­tion allows you to play a vast range of games that do not offi­cially sup­port gamepads such as a range of Gam­eloft and EA titles like Mod­ern Com­bat 3. It isn’t everything easy to set up these new apps, and we’ll offer com­plete user guides over time. Please stay patient, we attempt our best to update these and also the sup­por­ted games list dur­ing the following com­ing days and weeks.

Android Bluetooth Controller


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